Philosophy and Evolution

I have to thanks for the idea to a a person in SingularityNET group Zack, he inspires me to write this, so here it is.

“I have a Dream”

One sentence with a lot of meaning, one “person” who believed in something, with a purpose for his time, for his people, but we think that he really wanted a more for humankind, with no distinctions.

We are here today to honor your dream, your goal, we are here to give a new perspective to humanity, to give more than a simple hope, we are here to offer a solution to humanity, to offer an opportunity.

Our society changed, developed, but remain too many differences, people are more conscious, but also greedier, people want to appear in social medias, be recognized by anything but sometimes they lose their goals.

Sometimes is easy to think that people are not afraid of what AI can do for us, but what people can do with AI to achieve personal goals, and that is scary, people are not afraid of Artificial Intelligence, people are afraid of themselves.

Martin Luther King had a dream, “Imagine” (by John Lennon) if we could give betters perspectives, betters possibilities to all, it could be “revolutionary” if we could implement three simple words in a complex system, Respect, Responsibility and Reciprocity.

However, we need to listen people, give opportunity to choose, to be democratic to act as one Nation, the Human Nation that should be the goal of all new solutions.

Do not let greed win, personal values influence a Global Solution, we do not need to forget our personal values, we only need to remember that people have different perspectives and need to be heard.

“I have a dream”, “Imagine” if people could simply Respect one each other.


The ideas we form inside our heads, and how they look to us internally may differ wildly from person to person. I would really love to know how other people think.

Maybe on day we can create a device like that used in the film ‘Brainstorm’?

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Interesting piece there Guther,

“sometimes they lose their goals” & “people are afraid of themselves.”
Resonates a lot with me seeing other people master these topics is infectious,motivates and inspires.

Personally believe that embracing the differences we all have compared to each other will paradoxically unify us more.

Respecting somebody even if they do not, pointing to what is ultimately needed & wanted even when others may not, but respecting yourself enough to put boundaries when needed, i think that is powerful.

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I have ideas, but I know that I can’t do it by my self, I live under those 3 principles (Respect, Responsibility and Reciprocity).
I would like to have the opportunity to help people who care, but I know my limitations and I only understand human behaviour and human rights.
Thank you for the comment.

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