PHD Computer Scientist Pretending to be an Expert in Theology? Interesting Click here to see answer

For everyone in the Community who love AI just like me, I have a very stiumulating brain problem for you to solve. PS: Any grammar mistakes in this post are on purpose. The question is as follows: Why would a PHD computer scientist who hates God and does not want anything to do with God actually apply to the Harvard of Theological schools like Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary etc and actually get a PHD in Theology and pretend like they believe in Christ and God? I am sure you guys are very smart in on this community.

Dr. Ben is truly a wonderful humble scholar in the field of AI. This guy could absolutely care less about status, his wealth, how many followers he has online. What He is after is knowledge and this is why the Singularity net is going to become one of the most famous sites for AI and will draw experts from all over the world. It is because they allow anybody to interact with them if you indeed have expert knowledge to share and what I like about this site is that your importance is not determined by your networks. Rather, it is determined by your ability to solve problems.