Peter's Grand Adventure

Hey folks, I’m Peter Newell, nice to meet you.

I’ve lived in the digital space for a good while now, and first connected with Ben virtually through Novamente’s virtual pets in Second Life.

These days I look at the intersection of emerging technology and the outdoors for REI, finding ways to use AR/VR/AI/Blockchain and all the fun things for the betterment of our planet and those that like to enjoy it.

I’m really excited about the potential to help guide the AI to come towards a beneficial outcome, taking inspiration from Max Tegmark and Life 3.0 to do something about it rather than assume the worst or best outcome.

I look forward to the awesome discussions to come from this!

With Gratitude,


Welcome, Peter! Awesome story about how you met @bengoertzel in Second Life. Did he sell you a virtual pet?

@Tim is very into VR, as well, and has a personal pet project that he’s been working on here that you might be interested in. You will probably have a lot of great thoughts to add to the discussion.

I’m looking for a reason to pull the trigger on an Oculus Go, personally. Not there yet.

I was running a virtual worlds dev company at the time (Metaversatility) and we did some work integrating the systems.

I picked up a Go this week and am entirely impressed, it really lowers the bar to something accessible that you’d want to access. I do think it’s a stepping stone to much better though, and many will be happier waiting until a better 6dof wireless solution comes along (and many more still once we get to a smooth AR glass experience)

I’m excited for this forum for better organization of conversation, Telegram certainly became too unusable for function and I ended up ignoring it.

It certainly lends itself to more thoughtful and considered responses, fewer trolls, and more of a permanent accounting of our awesome community and their efforts. Telegram. Oy.

@PetersGrandAdventure you win the award for best username :smiley: I’m a huge fan of REI (long-time member!). I would love to hear about some of the initiatives you guys have going on regarding tech+outdoors.

Agreed that porting from Telegram to this Community Forum will be a big win for long-form, thoughtful discussion. Glad you’re excited!