P2p reputation

A lot has been said about reputation in many channels. I want to share an article that encourages P2P recognition as a important way to motivate participation.

Reputation based on social media can be bias because people tend to contradict the centralizing effect of social networks with less social behaviors, on the other way, p2p reputation where users “can give their colleagues “Nods” for all sorts of achievements, such as bringing positivity to a difficult meeting, or contributing creative ideas for problem solving, even if those ideas are not ultimately implemented.” seams an interesting approach that maybe could be adapted/added to Singularity net.

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In the reputation and participation topic.

As curators we could delegate our “votes” to other community members. And this could also be a nice way to give them reputation. [It seams a better option than create an organization in Aragon and hire a specialists to “vote” in the better ones.]

Any initiative that uses systemic feedback to enhance motivation through individual feedback is good in principle. It provides a means of circumventing elite behaviors and enhances/ rewards honesty. This is the means to ensure quality outcomes. Are you familiar with ISO9000?

ISO9000… just reading now, is a set of techniques for optimizing the internal processes of an industry, company or institution.

The article “Smart Society with Aigents” is an importante reference here. It says to achieve a “comfort and safety of users and their communities when interacting in modern electronic communication networks” the Web prototype that runs at [https://aigents.com] will collect and analyze information, and the following communication channels can be used: • Private social networks by API: Facebook, Google+". • “SMS messages and e-mail on Android”. I personalty don’t fell comfortable to share my personal information with an AIagent.

Yes, interesting aigent governance issues. Informed consent is a prerequisite to voluntary participation. Some jurisdictions do require participation. I think it depends on your circumstances. Generally we have the right to be forgotten unless we don’t… The platform will be abiding by the applicable statutes of a persons nominated country of citizenship.

I’m a documentary filmmaker and never felt the need to hide my identity, or had any ethic problems doing KYC. The right to be forgotten it’s important but it’s not the case.
I just think that giving my facebook/emails/messages information to an AI/AGI in exchange for reputation it’s a bit asking too much, don’t you? Maybe this is my red line, a miss-informed red line, maybe we need more discussion on this topic with people that more to say about the matter.
Anton Kolonin do you want jump on this topic?

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