One question I have about AIs and automation,



Is it just me or is saying things like “AIs will replace human laborers” almost somewhat missing the point at this point?

We have brooms that can sweep themselves, why would we need go back a technological step, and have a human-like robot sweep our floor? It seems like a lot of the doom and gloom people haven’t wrapped their minds around the idea that human-like AI is more of an artistic interest than a practical. And in some way almost a kind of retro future.

I mean in terms of human-like robot laborer, not robot / human companionship.

I mean I guess we could have Sophia bring us our food, but more likely it look likes it’s headed into the direction of purchasing a Cajun sausage out of a vending machine. (Japan comes to mind specifically, where everything is in a vending machine it seems like.)

I’m not undervaluing the need for human-like AI by any means, I just think, if I’m going to build a human-like AI, my intention isn’t to replace the labor force. It’s for some kind of romantic companionship. I’m more interested in having a human-like AI child, and a human-like AI wife.

Wasn’t sure where else to put this.

Basically literally a “human-like AI laboror” feel like I’m reading a 1960s scifi novel. When I watch shows like Ghost In The Shell … we’re long past that point buddy, we have brooms that sweep themselves.