Off and Running - The Collapse of the Wave Function of the Universe

And we, me and you and everyone you know and everything you can and can’t think of, are off and running.

You see, it’s possible, likely even, that mass and information are equivalent. Maybe not mass, but some logically deducible figure that represents the discreet information potentials of an object could be mapped to units of information. Like, an attribute of a particle that could be defined by measurement: the object’s spin, velocity, position, etc. When we make a measurement when we look at the goddamned things, the potentials vanish, leaving us with a single observable value, from a single chosen parameter. There simply is no fact of the matter until we define it. Then, it’s off and running the precise moment a value is determined.

I mean, we’re off and running together because we’re both, the observed and the observer, fundamentally defined by units of information configured in the initial state of a brand-new, baby universe. Just born, we gulp air deeply, cry, and we’re off and running again. Have a nice day.