Notifications in list which is shown after click on your profile avatar


When I click on my profile avatar in the in the upper right corner of the website page I see a lot of notifications every time and emails which are marked as unread (closed envelopes) even after I have read these messages / seen these notifications. Maybe it will be better to remove some of the notifications from the list after user has seen them or at least mark read messages as open envelopes.


Hi Rustam! Thank you so much again for all the feedback :smile:. I tried it out but perhaps I did not understand your issue that well. When I see that I have notifications for a specific topic, and I do not click on that but navigate to it manually, then when I look at that list again it is not highlighted anymore. Not highlighted = read. Do you mean that you would want to have the list cleared or are you saying they do not appear as read to you?


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Aah okay, that is a nice idea! I will create a separate topic for the specific request in the requests category and change the ownership of the topic to you :wink:.