Not sure what this means? SingularityDAO

I am trying to do the KYC process because I really want to be involved ofc with the singularityDAO project, exactly what I have been looking for and excited to participate in for a long time now. But upon trying to do the KYC process I get this error:

“The issuing country is not accepted by the application you are trying to register”

Presumably, this means New Zealand is not supported. But I might be interpreting that incorrectly.
So… what can I do?

This is correct, unfortunately there is a rather long list of countries that cannot participate in the Governance TGE due to regulations. SDAO governance tokens will be able to be earned by using the platform when it is live (see whitepapers). Also there is an upcoming airdrop that does not require KYC. It requires that you had been holding 1000 or more AGI in a private wallet or staked on the SingularityNET staking platform as of April 17th. If you did not meet that requirement, there is one more chance to take part in the airdrop by joining liquidity pools (details to be announced in the coming weeks). You can find more details here:

@Zolgo the blog posts are a little unclear (to me at least) around whether or not registration on Synaps is still a requirement for the private wallet airdrop.

For example, if I were currently holding 1000+ AGI in Metamask, should I assume my share of the 3m airdropped SDAO will happen automagically, or is full KYC registration (if not approval) on Synaps still required for each of the four rounds?

KYC is for the Governance Token Generation (that is to purchase SDAO tokens). The aridrop does not require a purchase (aside from the gas fee to transfer them to your wallet) thus does not require KYC. The registration for the airdrops will be once per month, first one starting on May 13th. This registration will appear on the SingularityDAO website nearer to that time. Please refer to this blog about the airdrop:

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Outstanding Zolgo! I have been researching this exact question for too long and you have delivered the answer…hooray. I too wanted to participate in the Goverence TGE but Synaps would not approve my documents (Australian drivers licence). My passports are out of date but still wondering how others are jumping through the hoops?

This is one category unfortunately that we can’t do a lot about, Australian DL aren’t being accepted due to them not classifying as a “National ID”. Some have reported getting through with other kinds of licenses such as Heavy Machinery, Gun Owner’s

Hi Zolgo, if so many loyal supporters are prohibited from joining in, is it the best idea to push on ahead regardless?

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It is unfortunate but this is all to do with legal regulations. There is a long list of countries outright banned from participating. This wont be the only way to obtain SDAO tokens.

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