New Website?

A lot of people are talking about “When Beta” - But I was wondering about when you are planning on releasing the new website you have been talking about for a few months?

As far as I know, the change in design on the current one is still just a “placeholder” until the new one is released? @ibby

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Yes, the current one is a placeholder-ish version. Doesn’t mean we won’t be adding content to it in the meantime. It will take some more time for our new website to be ready, as some other work has our priority.

I do not have a set date for you, but are you expecting something particular with the new website if I may ask?

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Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I am not looking for anything in particular no; I am just a big fan of your project, and I am following your work very close…

One thing I was hoping to be able to see on the new website, was the actual progress on your progress bars (roadmap) - On the current placeholder they do not seem to move, and since the release of BETA is postponed, it is hard to follow your progress (if you are a geek like me, who tries to follow your every move) :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile: yes, they are a bit out of sync at the moment with the actual progress on Github… As soon as I get a progress update from our platform devs I will update the website.


Hi Ibby, may I know what particular works are on your higher priority? Thanks

I suggest you keep up with the podcast, newsletter, partnership updates, social media, to get a 5% idea of what we are working on. It seems you are often missing quite a lot of information that is mentioned in there I noticed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Currently we are also very occupied with business building and recruitment.

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