New to group

Hi I am new to group. Recently listened to Bens latest interviews and topics. I just wanted to share some interesting information:
Pay close attention to :
[#1.} Couger INC Robotics out of tokoyojapan. Their project Virtual Human Agent.
[#2}. Theta Token

Hey there, livingstone.

Tell me about Couger INC Robotics. What does it do, and has it been connected to SingularityNET in some way?


No not connected to Singularity. I have some information on their AI program is going to become colossal in the world market and they will eventually release a coin. I would like to know when that happens. The other one to watch is Theta Token, one of the founders of YouTube is behind Theta.

Keep your eye on their project Virtual Human Agent with sight hearing emotions and intelligence reacts to real world people who are watching her on screen. She will be able to have visual acuity and read your body language, your voice language, have intelligence have discussions with you, know if your feeling up or down and talk to you about it… Add this to a futuristic program similar to youtube and you come up with a vision of a the future internet of sorts…
IMO theta token will be used to accomplish this and use this technology since its founders were behind youtube. I believe this is where our future is going…Couger is suppose to create a new token and I sure want to know about it when it comes out.