New Paper: The Law of Increasing Functional Information , A new law of nature?

A recently published paper, proposes a new law of nature.

I found it rather intriguing and worthy of sharing here. The idea of function as a key in selection in evolving systems is not new, but the evidence and reasoning is highly compelling.

Time or periodicity combined with evolutionary selection extends to mineralogy ??!!!

Snippet : “The history of scientific discovery informs our search for empirically powerful, theoretical laws that describe the behavior of evolving systems considered generally—systems exhibiting a distinctive, temporally asymmetrical form of development—that is not obviously derivable from the classical laws of physics. Progress depends on examining a variety of evolving systems to identify potential conceptual equivalences through investigating common themes, perhaps subtle, that may point to a theoretical framework of basic attributes capable of supporting an as-yet-unarticulated law of nature unifying evolving phenomena.”

My own work, which is the study of ancient time keeping systems, seems to agree to an extent, but is there a deeper precursor that encourages certain functions ? I think so.
When I first observed the periodic table, I had already learned the primary common components of calendars that were found on every continent. So, I was immediately curious if there was a correlation based in periodicity and function. The correlation was instantaneous. In fact, the periodic table actually solved a problem concerning a particular alignment of four components in one system, and corrected them. It worked wonderfully.
The same happened with the amino acids. The bizarre part was that the precise nature of the correlation by sequence and function between the 20 day cycle, known to the Chinese and Maya and others, was with the alphabetical order of the amino acids, starting with Alanine. I attribute this to the self forming nature of the alphabet itself.
So, my response to the paper was elation, as support for the notion that function serves a role in the evolution of minerals, is rare.
I’m going further to suggest,…that time itself or periodicity, actually has a pre-existing self forming property that permeates all things, through an as of yet, unknown force. Periodic wave forms of some type perhaps,… but the bottom line is, our ancestors detected these periodic functions and were able to accurately describe them in detail. The I-Ching, in this regard is the most accurate record of this, and the key is not in the numerical properties, but in the sequence and functions of the descriptors, of which the first twenty match the amino acids in the modern order alphabetically !!!

Anywho, food for thought

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Thank you @DavidO for your thoughtful post. I’m used to thinking of the evolution of systems from a “Universal” perspective - for example finding local order from chaos against an inevitable background increase in entropy - and also from a Systems Engineering perspective for which the increase in functional information and quality is inevitable when “subjected to selection for function(s)”. There is a framework for the latter today, a discipline invented by humans and applied to the optimization of experience given a changing set of goals, resources and constraints.
I’m open to the idea of time having the self forming property that you describe, more than that which is observed by us as the (arrow of time) differentiator between order and chaos. I also consider that we humans may be “free will” digital consciousness that enables the discovery, application and evolution of functions according to our physical reality and rule set.
I have no specific insights regarding periodicity though… I swing between elation and madness when I hear of clues based on synchronicity, mathematics, human experience etc. , but I will certainly pay more attention from now on!

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When we (humans) developed the Periodic Table, the job was to identify the physical properties. Conversely, when we (humans) developed these time keeping systems thousands of years ago, they studied events, and functions of individuals and animals. Characteristics and tendencies of each, were noted and these were matched with corresponding times.

That the sequence of the specific functions match in both systems, certainly speaks to common causation. The separation of these systems, seems to only exist due to language and base programming. I get pretty weird looks if I ask a phd in chemistry to describe the personalities or functions of the elements. It simply is not taught from that perspective. Likewise, the way time is taught in most cultures is from a functional, or product based perspective, to be applied or recognized in people or events, not tangible material like the elements.

When I contemplate the the idea of singularity, unification comes to mind as the process. In this, the sum of human knowledge is pretty comprehensive in the material sciences, but the element of time is nearly completely absent. Yet, even as the I-Ching may have found some numerical value for computer engineers, the descriptors of each of the hexagrams is not mentioned. It is the most minimalist set we (humans) have, but also the most accurate and the oldest known, at 7,000 years old minimum.
Each culture that has these , acculturated them to their unique applications and perspectives, but they match in sequence and function. Some in images, and some with glyphs or writings, most are both.

A simple example of how precise this process has been, leads me to believe the same echelon of scientists who find themselves at the forefront of modern discovery, were likely the same segment of society that created these systems. It is simply brilliant science, and the discoverers were certainly not kooks or hacks.

Here is a painting by Winslow Homer, born during a ten day period known to the Hindu as “Pearl”.

This is the image for that ten day period out of the set of 36, for that same time, dated 500 CE

This is not a one off. It can be done all day every day. The thing that curdles my noodle is, what would happen if artists become aware of the images ? The study would cease to be a blind study.
In either event, the information needs to be open source. There is not a consensus on that thought however, and the debate is quite similar to the one AI developers are having these days.
Incidentally, the element that lands here is Gallium. The next in sequence is Germanium, and the time for that is known as Ship,…and of course the first man and woman in space were both born in that time.
Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova. March 9 and March 6 respectively.

It works perfectly well when examining the product of scientists, because they are well weeded gardens of functionality. Very precise. Many of the original discoverers of the elements were born during the times of the respective elements they discovered. Quizzical , but sensible.

Time has flavors. If we find out why or how, the singularity will have its warp drive.

And so I persist .


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