New here, skeptical, prove me wrong

Hey all, first post here. Please excuse my ignorance. I’m a big fan of Ben and what he’s building with Singularity Net and the vision of AGI. I’m really excited to see them building on Cardano. I’ve just noticed there appears to be a pretty huge gap between the vision outlined here:

and the actual roadmap here:

Also, I spent a few hours playing around with the ai marketplace, and while interesting, most of the ai agents seemed a little gimmicky, and really not that useful for creating real world value and solving important problems. They just seem more like photoshop filters. I’ve read Kurzweils “the singularity is near” and similar AI research, so I get the whole idea of exponential change and the potential for a sudden intelligence/capability explosion. But I’m left wondering how far are we, from the day when this project has a significant impact on humanity. From what I can guess, it appears that it’s all still mostly conceptual, and it will take many years of research and building before we start seeing that accelerating exponential change we like to imagine. I’m concerned this project is mostly hype and conceptual vision, and not much is actually getting built, or that it is not funded well enough to achieve it’s vision quickly. For those of you close to this project, are you expecting big things in the next year or 2, or is this more like a 20+year vision?

Are we still in the very beginning exploration stage of agi, and trying to figure out if AGI is feasible/possible, or is advanced AGI being built right now with major breakthroughs imminent?

Also, on another topic, how much collaboration is there with other AI projects such as openAI and Neuralink, google, etc. ?