New here, Intrigued by this project but I have Questions


I am very interested in what is going on with this whole SingularityNET project which I have only recently found out about. I discovered it because with all the news about Blockchain-related things recently (2021) I decided that I’d been putting off my own self-education on this topic for far too long already. I am not a super-tech-knowledgeable person so I found the threshold for understanding some of these ideas in the abstract to be quite daunting; I decided to learn by simply attempting to begin buying/trading crypto-currency and though it took me a while to figure it out I now have some ADA staked, and in the course of researching that process I discovered SingularityNET and AGI which I think looks like a very promising and downright revolutionary set of ideas for all kinds of reasons!

My questions are, first as just a random and not-all-that-wealthy person who’s not a developer or anything like that what is the best way for me to support this project? It seems to me like the best way is to acquire tokens and stake them towards someone that’s doing something good and useful. Should I wait to do this until after migration to Cardano is complete and there are new tokens minted, or should I try to do it now? Will I be able to store and stake tokens using a platform like Daedalus or Exodus or AtomicWallet after the migration is complete? Can I already do this now? I know I can acquire tokens on KuCoin or other exchanges where I am at right now, but technically speaking what sort of wallets have support for receiving and staking AGI and forthcoming related tokens (like I think there is supposed to eventually be one or more tokens for DAO or whatever they are calling it)?

For example, and I’m not sure I’m putting this quite right, Cardano has their Daedalus platform. You can use it to stake ADA and I’ve done that on a small scale to try and understand for myself how it works. The good thing about it is, the more small stakeholders you have the less centralized the community is, which gives it a stronger foundation, which seems to me like a thing that will scale by its fundamental nature once it hits a certain threshold. How do I best use this sort of functionality to contribute to the SingularityNET project reaching this threshold, and which platforms/wallets can support such use?

I am still playing catch-up with respect to these concepts and technologies even though I have some of the vocabulary now so any assistance on the technical and practical side is greatly appreciated; also if any of what I said here makes no sense or is wrong or weird please correct me as I’m trying to learn; I don’t have much money so for me it is an educational and contributory thing more than a financial or investing thing.

I’m happy to be here, and thanks in advance!


By buying the token you are at least funding the development of the network.
Other ways of helping if you are not a (software) developer could be testing and rating the network’s services, posting, commenting, rationalize your idea and spread the word once you are convinced that this is something good for you and the world.

I think they haven’t talked openly about ADA-AGI staking, but once we will have them available (they need to offer ways to swap it with ETH-AGI first) it should be trivial with a Cardano wallet, since they successfully completed the hard fork allowing for native multi-assets. My understanding is that we could have DEXs and liquidity pools on Cardano that, like farming on Ethereum, could provide you any newly minted token, with the same native functionalities of Cardano (transacting, staking, voting, executing smart-contracts).

Thank you, I think I am starting to understand more than I did before…it’s an exciting feeling!

Another thing I have been wondering is, I know they have these staking pools on the Cardano network for the people who are holding ADAs. But, I hear people talking how it’s important for the health and decentralization of the network for people not to be staking their tokens to a pool controlled by one of the “whales” or whatever they call em, the major players in the token-based community financial ecosystem.

So if you have a new person come in without really thinking about it, they stake with the big boys because they offer the lowest fees, but the network is weakened, at least that’s how they say it is at the early stages which we are still in. SingularityNET is at an even earlier stage near as I can tell so it seems to me there is potentially some tactical thinking that ought to be done when we make these decisions about who to stake with.

I am not so much thinking about this as investment opportunities but more like a learning opportunity because it looks like this is the way things are headed with all this DeFi stuff so I want to at least have the basic concepts.

I am also not seeing any sort of schedule or general time-frame for how they are planning to move things over to Cardano? Seems like there is probably still some work they need to do over on that end first? Because some of the functionality people would want is just not released yet as far as I can tell.