Negative Psy. or Pos. Psy once an AGI machine is created

PS: ANy gramamma Grammar mistakes are done on purpose to hide my real personal anngelcy.
It is (RE) construct NOT (DE) (CON) struct…

I could not disagree more with this insensitive post. It is not a madder of pos. vs neg., It is a matter of recognizing the grace of God that forgives past mistakes and not uses them as a weapon to always haunt people in the future once an AGI machine is in fact created. Big yellow flags wave around my head whenever I see this from particular scholars and this obsessive love for loving shame. If you apply the absurdem logic principle to the equation, I am sure that Jip drop has arguements w/ his wife that he is not proud of and what if just one of those arguements was recorded by an AGI machine from his Iphone and then saved through the mode of context switching for a later date when He is being used by God 10 years from now and threatens to release that one arguement that he had with his wife 10 years ago. This my friends is pure evil. It is not about Pos, vs Neg. It is about shaming people of little petty mistakes they made decades ago from the privacy of there homes like arguements that were recorded and they did not know it and it is used by people who have wicked hearts and are obsessive at pointing out everyone else mistakes instead of looking at their own life and humbly recognizing the fact that if we go by what they are saying that who is worthy to PASTOR any Church! At what point does a PASTOR becomes unworthy to pastor a Church? If he has one arguement with his wife in his home and repents for it the next day, does that disqualify him from every being a pastor at his Church? Serious questions will start to surface once an AGI machine gets invented and nobody on the face of the planet will have any privacy whatsoever.

If theologians are really interested in helping ordinary people in the modern world identify ways in which they can ‘flourish in faith,’ they can only disregard the evidence provided by Positive Psychology at their peril.

-K. Kristjansson

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