Monoform: Hello, SingularityNET!

Well, hello.
I’m a 16-years-old guy from Germany looking forward to enrich myself on AGI.
I am most certainly convinced that I can only help you guys with SEO by posting this (although I hope wishing you guys luck and showing you my support on your matters may help as well, let me know).

I’m mostly a politics guy, although I’m still quite invested in IT, especially in AI/AGI.
Also, I’m visiting the somewhat German-equivalent of a Highschool, where I’m currently a Senior.
If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m an absolute newbie in AI, so I’m just here to observe.
It’s just a personal interest, really. Knowing what’s going on in the world is helping me synthesizing the big picture. Not quite everything is in some way related to AI yet, but even that may change. I just really hope it works out.

From what I understand currently, this is a very… interesiting project on commercializing AI on a wide scale, to say the least. I haven’t fully read the Whitepaper (yet) - can’t really blame me for that, though - but I can tell that you guys are making a good job from what I’ve seen yet.

Enough compliments for one day.

I will frequently update myself on what’s going on here.


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