Mobile application for forum

I know that all comes with time and not all development efforts can be reasoned enough for each particular project but I would be really glad to see the mobile application for this forum one day :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, it does format reasonably well, but could be better on mobile.

One day… we might :stuck_out_tongue:! I don’t think it is something for the near future at all, but who knows. What we can do is customize the current formatting of the mobile view. :slight_smile:

Discourse app works but doesn’t keep you logged in and is a bit buggy. A native mobile app for iOS and Android would be a god sent or Ibby sent. Most of the world surf mobile. Also gif support would be sooo awesome…

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I would assume that at best is a post beta/production level project where they can think about integrating some AI services into it.

@darwin True, true… It would be pretty cool but this would be something we could think about at a later stage.

I agree with the gif support. Life isn’t the same without gifs. Could you create a separate topic for a gif support request? It is best to do 1 topic per request/issue/feedback point so it is better manageable. I will merge this topic with another topic btw as it is sort of duplicate :).