Metaverse and Robots

Hey there crazy people!

Just wanted share my thoughts with you, so you know that there are a lot of other crazy people in this world and you are not the only one.

Metaverse - lately my information sources have influenced me to learn/think about the metaverse. With the help of blockchains digital rights, insane speed of tech advancements and a LOT of people deployed(from facebook) to work on VR, AR, XR and hardware, I actually feel like the metaverse is coming fast. Sadly it does not come to us(consumers) equally fast since the salaries from our daily jobs differ depending from which country you are from. But its coming and I am hyped!

Closest possible to my knownledge to something like a “sword art online” for us is get yourself an expensive VR headset with a crazy resolution, frames and refresh rate, then get a haptics vest with body trackers to experience impacts from the game on your physical body and then a “cat walk” VR treadmill or other special treadmill for VR. That would be a stupidly crazy way to immerse a person in a metaverse or just in a VR game. Also you couls add and climate control for the room and maybe even some scent provider. This whole thing combined would be expensive but could loose one’s track of which world is the real one.

Next thing could be something like an actual helmet +neuralink(from the good guy Elon).

But if you are like me, and you like the reality just as much then here are my todays thoughts on robots.

Got to love them. Robots are cool and do not require a daily dinner and other human stuff. Easy to believe that there are places on the planet where if you get replaced by a robot, the company has to pay you a certain income for it since the robot can work pretty much 24/7 365 and outwork you. Robot gets more done that it can support a human hah, what a nice life. Sad for those who close their minds and stop growing and learning, and blaming everyone else of why they can’t find a new job.

Anyway - robots and automatization are here and idustry grows faster than shrooms in forest after a rain. Robots also replace humans jobs which are highly dangerous.

They can also be used for deliveries, cleaning, factoring, sorting supplies in storages, helping elderly in hospitals (Grace robot from Hansons robotics) and many more applications in the real world and ask nothing in return… such a noble way to exist in. I Guess we humans are becoming Godlike creatures.

Again Elon Musk has something to make the world fear about. Tesla bots - light weighted, slow mobilty robots than can be over powered by human.

Quite curious on the recent pre-demo presentation from Dr. Ben Goertzel about the transformer car ^^

Final thoughts - the world is a sick and crazy place. Us humans choose how we will spend our time on this giant rock that orbits our sun. There is no blue-print on how to live your life so make sure it is fun and worth living.