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What happened to the Chief Humanoid job? Did Sophia quit? :scream:


An intern at Hanson (no longer listed) was tasked with ridding her of sand from her recent visit to Abu Dhabi and thought it wise to hose her down with water. Need I say more?


Or she secretly married Will Smith.


Ibby has taken over as Chief Humanoid. As they say in highlander “There can be only one”


Can you imagine everyone together in one VR space?? Party On!!

Though virtual Mojitos won’t be as tasty!! :slight_smile:


Not sure his wife would appreciate that comment lol :smile:


Tasty enough. :wink:


When in vr a beer bottle or a straw is required, trying to drink from a glass with a head mounted display strapped to your face doesn’t work very well :slight_smile:




This does not Compute! :smile:


Congrates !!!
You guys are awesome!!