Market-wide Price Adjustments

On the 20th of December 2019, we will apply a price adjustment affecting all currently available AI services on our marketplace.

The new pricing will be as follows:

Service Name Adjusted Price
AI Opinion 0.02
AI Sight 0.02
Align Face Images 0.02
AlphaZero Chess 0.0000002
Bipartite graph analytics 0.2288888
Caption Videos 0.12
Coreference Resolution 0.02
Detect Action In Video 1
Detect Faces 0.02
Detect Objects 0.02
Edge Detection 0.002
Emotion Recognition 0.02
Entity Detection in Text 0.002
Entity Disambiguation 0.02
Face Recognition 0.02
Find Facial Landmarks 0.02
Gene Annotation 0.02
German English Translation 0.03
iAnswer 0.19
Image Matching Service 0.02
Image Retrieval 0.002
Image Segmentation 0.000002
Language Detection 0.02
Market Trends 0.012
Minecraftizing service 0.02
Network Robustness 0.2288888
OpenCog Pattern Miner 0.02
OpenNMT Language Translation 0.0000002
Pneumonia Diagnosis 0.02
Question Answering Long Seq 0.02
Question Answering Short Seq 0.02
Scene Recognition 0.02
Semantic Similarity Binary 0.08
Speech Recognition 0.08
Speech Synthesis 0.08
Style Transfer 0.02
Super Resolution 0.00072
Text Generation 0.02
Text Summaries 0.02
Text Understanding 0.002
Time Series Anomaly 0.02
Time Series Forecasting 0.012
Topic Analysis 0.2288888
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Thank you for info Tim.
I have a question. Would there be no problem as the services are going to be fix in AGI prices? If AGI trading price would start to be very volatile and there is no intention to regulate price from SingularityNET site.
It could happen that the prices of services could reach some unreasonable prices for customers? Dont you see that as a potential problem? Thank you in advance for answer.

Hi Patrik,

The service provider (the owner of the service) would set the price of their services as a fiat value in the back end through the publisher Portal, and the users who buy those services would pay the equivalent price in AGI.

This conversion ratio though will change depending on the available AGI within the liquidity pool.

But the end result is the same, if a person were to buy a service that cost 10 cents a call, the service provider would receive the same value equivalent in AGI.

Hope this answers your questions?


Perfect! That makes sense. :slight_smile: Thank you for clarification Tim.