Make reading the TOS / guidlines mandatory

Yay! I earned a badge for reading the guidelines ! :smiley:
Asides from that: I’m no legal expert but you should add a link to the TOS to the account creation to be on the save side, right? Or did I miss that link?

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What is TOS?! Maybe I can find that on Google.
Teacher over Shoulder?
By the way when typing a too short text on Samsung Android S8+ the warning of too less letters which is 20 appears, directly over the message.
That’s annoying.
Could be fixed if this warning appears when trying to send first and only then.

TOS = terms of service

“Teacher over Shoulder” :joy:

not my fault :laughing: found that answer on duckduck:


marked as chat

hahaha…The other side :joy:


Haha… well the teacher over shoulder needs to be checked right now before registering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Fixed it :blush:.