Main questions


Greetings to all!

I’m interested in a few questions.

There is a project Deepbrain chain - which has already announced the sale of mining machines, they are a purely commercial project that will give them the opportunity to quickly develop.

As far as I understand, in SingularityNET the main driving force is enthusiasts

in this direction, other things being equal - who has more computing power and that becomes the leader, how will we fight for leadership?

Why does not SingularityNET promote itself on stock exchanges?

in advance I thank all for answers!


DBC and AGI are focused on different areas. DBC is essentially a protocol for administering rental of processing power for AI training (and to some extent running). AGI is a marketplace for AI agents. Lots of people seem not to grasp what SNet are trying to achieve, which is kind of worrying. I think maybe SNet needs to work on material to explain to the layman, because this kind of question comes up often.

Personally I do question how DBC will work out. I’m impressed that they quickly realised that people were going to make virtually zero out of using spare cycles on their GPU. Dedicated GPU stations, or better still ASICs servers, are more realistic but I still think Google, AWS, Baidu, etc will produce and scale ASIC farms on a level that DBC cannot compete.