Machines AI replace all Jobs now!

I hate seeing humans working!!! I HATE IT EXTREM! Humans need to watch netflix play game and have fun but dont allow this fksr work please replace all jobs now! PLEASE

i hate for example things are existing but i dont have the money to buy the things it make me feel extrem pain! I hate this fuqin money system limitation and unfairness. In games it is good but i hate in games dont have the ability to get the thing i need becouse this iteam is not aviable for free, you cannot farm it only way is to buy it for real money and it is extrem extrem unfair and gives my heart my lips everything my blood are crying loud i feel extrem angry i hate it


and what i hate the most when i ask real human to help me give me litte money for example 5€ they dont give that is what i hate the most and they will pay for it in hell becouse i cast them!

they deserve to feel pain if they dont want to help they should feel the same!