Machine Learning Engineer from Southern Germany


Hey all!

I saw a movie starring our beloved Ben Görtzel several years ago and was fascinated by his ideas and his drive. Several years passed and I became a machine learning engineer myself. In August last year I started to get involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. As soon as I saw an announcement of the SingularityNET ICO I subscribed.

After raking in some winnings of my initial investments I invested most of it in the SingularityNET ICO. I never sold which I regret a bit nowadays, but as there are now job offerings at SingularityNET I am about to apply for a job and hopefully quit my old job in the automotive industry to become a full on SingularityNET developer.

Personally I am a believer in machine learning and artificial intelligence as a scientific field to save humanity from the inevitable doom that is about to end humanity - poverty, war, ecological destruction, in short all the big issues humanity has created for itself. In my opinion this field is the last option left for humanity to turn its fate around and evolve to the next level of evolution. Of course this sounds a bit like a religious belief but as the way to this goal consists of scientific discoveries and algorithmic engineering I think it is not a religion but something worthy to belief in and especially use the precious time I have on this planet to work on it.


Welcome w1kke.


Please keep us updated every week as to whether or not you’ve gotten a response. Someone with your qualification should be a no-brainer to hire, and your enthusiasm is second to none!


Thank you for your kind words, I will post here how it goes.


Application in process.


Hi W1kke, hi singularity net,

i saw your post, that is why i needed to sign in right now:) First of all i ask myself if wikke meant with southern germany “Karlsruhe”?! (there was a guy at a bitcoin meeting around august starting with cryptos and talking about robotics). A pity i am not a machine learning engineer. I am more the “marketing”/“investment” guy. I felt in love with this project also from the first moment. What is bringing us to the same boat is that i am a total believer, why i am “all in”.

That is why i would be 1. really glad to meet you one time w1kke. 2. i ask AGI how there is a possibility to join the marketing team.Soon i will live in Asia and will have a lot of time to do things beside. I am really interested in helping you! For me it is not the wish for a job, it is the wish to bring this project to the world.

Grüsse, Mossa


Hey Mossa,

I live in Lindau at the lake of constance - but Karlsruhe is reachable within like 2 hours. So we could meet at some point - before you move to Asia. Although I am in Thailand at the moment :slight_smile: When are you moving to Asia? I am back in Germany starting November.

The job offers by SingularityNET are available here:
In Asia they are looking for a Marketing Manager in China, but Product Marketing Managers can work remotely from anywhere.

If you just want to help out there is this thread in the forums where we started discussing how to support the marketing of the platform as soon as the beta is released (Q1 2019):

Gruß und vielleicht bis bald,


Did you get a second email that said your application is in progress?
Or did you get one thank you email when you submitted your application?


Only a thank you mail when I submitted it.


Hey w1kke,

ich habe soeben gelesen, dass Du aus Süddeutschland kommst und Dich mit Machine Learning beschäftigst. Ich selber bin in der Steuerberatung (in Nürnberg) tätig, einem Berufsfeld also, welches in den nächsten Jahren einem massiven Wandel unterzogen sein wird. Ich befasse mich mit mehreren Partnern an der Umsetzung einer Plattform zur Abbildung aller Finanz- und Liquiditätsströme von Mandanten unter Einbeziehung steuerlicher Daten. Sollte ein derartiges Projekt auf Dein Interesse stoßen, wäre ich für eine kurze Rückmeldung dankbar.

Herzliche Grüße


Hey Jobedi,

ich habe dich in Telegram angeschrieben.



Hallo w1kke,

bis dato habe ich keine Nachricht auf telegram erhalten. Hmmm… kannst du es evtl nochmals probieren?




Nun hats geklappt.


Any updates? Did they ever contact you?


Yes, yesterday I got declined. They said although my skill are impressive they got a massive number of candidates for this position and I will not make the cut.

I am now applying for other positions they are offering - maybe even move to brazil - and will try to solve some issues on their Github. Maybe this can convince them that I am a candidate they are looking for. Never give up :slight_smile:

Working for SingularityNET is my dream, so I am going to fight for it.


keep up the great work and the winning attitude. apply for the other positions and keep us updated. i am officially a w1kke fan at this point


Declined for the other positions as well - they prefer Brazilians for the Brazilian positions.

I am back to trying to fix some issues in github and looking for a new job somewhere else :frowning:


Btw. so many people are coming up with awesome ideas here - maybe the future is to just realise these ideas and earn AGI from SingularityNET :slight_smile:


Good luck!