[LIVESTREAM] AiDecentralized + Ben Goertzel's Topics & Schedule



Tomorrow @bengoertzel will speak 3 times at AiDecentralized in Toronto:

  1. Panel on Re-decentralizing the Web and the Internet.
  2. Creating Beneficial, Democratic Artificial General Intelligence presentation.
  3. AIDA Alliance Announcement.

Feel free to chat about this event with other members in this topic & share pictures with us all if you are there :blush:.

LIVESTREAM (thanks @Loading) :


SingularityNET Monthly Updates #1

Hi Ibby,

Looks very good - do you know if there is any livestreaming??

  • Also, can you shed some light on the “AIDA alliance” - or do we have to wait and see? :slight_smile:


Will post the press release asap here by updating the first post :blush:. I don’t think there was any livestreaming, but as soon as I get my hands on a recorded video I will update the first post with that one too.


Thank you very much - Sounds pretty big!


Thank you ! This Forum is awesome!


AMAZING! Thank you!


Yes it was wonderful! More is coming up :D! Please note they are running a bit late I think so there might be a 30 min difference or so with the schedule.


Great presentation and what an intro. If anyone managed to capture it, that would be cool. I was on the train and missed a few bits


Hi Ibby, Is there any more information about the #3 item on the list?
Thank you.