Launching the SingularityNET AI Research Lab



As you can see below, our AI team has grown quite a bit since 2018 began. But before we begin introducing each team member (providing full access to their thoughts and projects), we want to welcome our community to the new hub for SingularityNET’s AI initiatives: The SingularityNET AI Research Lab.

The SingularityNET Research Lab will give you insider access to the most exciting AI initiatives we have under development. When launched, these services will only be available through the SingularityNET platform.

We’ll cover a variety of topics, many of which will be published directly by our AI team. Importantly, they’ll be using this forum for feedback on their ideas, current projects, and roadmaps. We’re also hoping to host competitions later this year that will begin development of our community’s best ideas. That means that on this Community Forum, you’ll have direct access to provide our AI Team with feedback, as well as suggest your own projects to be built!

Click HERE to learn more.


Oh yeah exiting


Very exciting stuff. Great work everyone.