KYC issues

Kyc in its broader application, is becoming a potential bottleneck to development… I appreciate its a complex issue but we are required to address it in order to maintain credibility on the global front… Some focus please.

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SingularityNET is not a KYC system developer. I am not sure why we are required to address this. Perhaps you can elaborate?

I am not learned in the law, but I thought it was a tortuous liability.

Doing KYC properly is yes, but developing the right system for it is a whole 'nother business model :slight_smile:

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I would suggest 4 “c’s”
Where kyc could be required…

Sooner rather than later… It is a very difficult retrofit… (Non speculative risk is my background… :slight_smile:)

Justjoe Worry for now about the project, its partnerships, and its developments as opposed to all of the regulatory complications there could possibly be to speculate over. As you could say, “Cross that bridge when you get there”.

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Most certainly, over regulation is not useful and can result in organizational paralysis. The importance of dialectic as a method of internal regulatory development should be encouraged in all organisations as early as possible. Recognition and synthesis of complementary opposites is my main focus at the moment. We are striving for global best practice. I really appreciate your concerns but I have been self regulating for a good few years… I am happy to expand further if you wish. :smile:

I think the misunderstanding may be that, like audit, i am referring to kyc as an internal organizational process not an externally imposed requirement. The external rules, as you say, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully without breaking stride!

I think it’s generally needed if we wanna avoid the Scamularity :joy:


Hmm, I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say you are referring to KYC as an internal organisational process.

I guess you mean… just follow the law? Which we do…


That’s good Ibby, thanks…

justjoe likes to make everything as complicated as possible, including english. sometimes, he just makes things up because they sound complicated.

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Yes, that’s how I felt the first time I read the project white paper… :wink:

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