Korea Future Forum in Seoul + SingularityNET Korea Office



Today Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson will speak at the Korea Future Forum in Seoul. The speakers at this event will discuss various topics around the ‘smart society’ and how the fourth industrial revolution will transform our cities and social systems.

One move we are making in Seoul is to open the Seoul office. South Korea is making great progress in AI and offers a great environment for a company like SingularityNET. With our Korean office we will establish even more partnerships with South Korean tech companies and recruit passionate Korean developers to contribute to the SingularityNET ecosystem. Furthermore, we have also partnered with Seoul National University to collaborate on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research and development. Dr. Youngsook Park (Head of Millenium Project Korea) will lead this move as the Director for SingularityNET Korea.

About Korea Future Forum

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Bitcoin, and self-driving cars are shaking traditional social systems and commercial practices entirely. That is why at Korea Future Forum 2018, we would like to talk about the ‘smart city’ that will bring changes to our society as a whole. ‘Smart Society’ is based on new technologies that are in Internet of Things(IoT) and smart home systems, but its ultimate purpose is to create an ecosystem that makes human life more pleasant and efficient. We’d like to cover the fourth industrial revolution that is laid throughout our society, and what kind of changes we, as individuals, businesses, and countries, will face through the organic relationship between the technologies. - kff.news1.kr

Korea Future Forum Schedule

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Great news lbby, congratulations all round…


Really impressed by this development - South Korea and Japan are crucial markets in terms of crypto and AI


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