Kia ora from Joel - a machine learning engineer from New Zealand


Kia ora,

I’m Joel Pitt from New Zealand. :wave:

I’ve been fascinated by learning algorithms, complex systems, and emergent behaviour since I was teenager. Whether that’s evolvable 3d physics simulations (back in early 2000), to learning molecular biology and building genomics and bioinformatic tools for colleagues at university, to country-wide GIS simulations to predict the spread of invasive biological species as part of my PhD.

More recently I’ve been fascinated by using recent advances in deep learning for artistic purposes and learning how neural networks can push the envelope in the field of computer vision.

The speed at which machine learning and AI is progressing is breath-taking compared to two decades ago, and it’s an exciting time to be alive!

I think it’s great that SNet is taking on the ambitious project of ensuring these advances are available to all and that it’s open-source development meshes well with the ethos of the machine learning community’s desire for an open research environment.

My role at SingularityNet is to assist whereever I can be most helpful. Currently I’m focussed on integrating existing machine learning models and algorithms as SNet services, to help seed the network with things people will hopefully find useful. If you have particular machine learning models you’d like to see available on SNet, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to either point you in the right direction or put it on my todo list :wink:


Hey @Joel, incredible intro. It’s great to learn more about what you’re working on. I’m sure our community will have plenty of suggestions for potential integrations of existing models/algorithms/services.

Perhaps we can find a more aggregated way for the community to make these suggestions and get them directly to you. I’ll chat with @ibby about it :sunglasses:


Haere Mai Joel!

Amazing introduction! I think perhaps the share your project category might lend itself perfectly for this @Ryan and @Joel. Maybe you could start a topic in that category and tell us all more about what you do, suggestions you are taking, and perhaps some casual updates about the daily life of a machine learning engineer :smiley:!

Regarding the deep learning for artistic purposes… I saw you shared some very interesting works of your acquaintance once. We also have a Creatives, Art & Literature category focussed on AI-related artistry amongst others. I would encourage you to share your passion and interest about the topic there too, and perhaps also invite your acquaintance. Such creations definitely deserve more attention!

Amazing to have you here Joel and I hope to see more of you here in the future :smiley:.


Great introduction! Gabriel Axel contributed the following article in the previous forum, not sure if you caught it, but I think you’d find it interesting:


Thanks Bryan - a local colleague of mine in Wellington is behind that art work. He’s also done some awesome stuff with generative models and faces. :slight_smile:


Wow, Joel! Didn’t expect that! Pretty cool!


Kia ora Joel,

Hey great to see another Kiwi on here mate, where about’s are you based?



Hi Kodee! Yeah likewise :slight_smile:

I’m based in Wellington at the moment, although we’ll probably be moving to the Wairarapa at the end of the year. Where are you at?


Im in the mighty Waikato mate. Mate it would be good to touch base with other SingularityNET kiwis, as we are few and far between. I only know of one other person in Auckland.