Just got a copy of Heartificial Intelligence


Wasn’t sure whether to put this under Media or Random.

I really tried getting into this book, but it seems like it went beyond just “AI Skepticism” which I actually think is kind of healthy as long as one doesn’t go overboard.

But many of the problems he was presented fell under issues that have to do with the frailties of humans rather than AIs. ( You know the cliches, fears about AI taking our jobs. Even creative fields. ) It didn’t really tread on anything all that new.

One chapter that specific irritated me and is serving more to make me read that book skeptically, is the whole “I don’t care if you invented the robot, I’m going to boss around and get up in your face, because I like being a narcissist” angle.

Maybe it’s because I’m ultra free software, but I’d just walk out of the office then and there, cancelled any further contracts, and work exclusively on Free Software repositories.

The Boss in the book seemed under the idea that him telling other employers they were pro free software was actually … a threat … for some reason. I’d absolutely produce a free software alternative to that robot just to rick roll him.

So I’m wondering, has anyone else found a book on AI they just can’t get into?

Mainly I’m not terribly wild when authors use Hyperbole to present something is to negative about something, when they don’t entirely understand the issues in that specific field. Most issues with AI at this point come down to human-error.