It's Google a competitor?

I hear that google or even Apple are working on AI.

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Kinda, but not in a direct way. Yes all the tech giants are working on AI, Google is even officially an “AI first” company. But AI is usually a non zero-sum game as most release their research to the public, so generally everyone benefits from a breakthrough regardless of where it comes from. The main monopoly the tech giants have though is access to tons of data on their servers, so that does need to be decentralised and public somehow without completely breaching privacy, no idea how but they can’t keep hogging all the data. Plus the SNET use case is different to the tech giants. Google, Apple etc. are making commercial products, SNET is focusing on what happens behind the scenes, as well as working on the economy for the trading of AI services.


As an AI developer you are going to want to put your product / service on any market where it’s profitable to do so.

There is a much greater chance a developer of AI will generate revenue on SingularityNET because not only can people buy the services of that AI, but all other AI on the market can also buy the services as well.

It’s understandable that people think how could SNet compete against the major corporations.

The likes of Google / Amazon / Apple / Facebook / Microsoft, all are creating centralised walled garden market spaces where the goal is purely financially driven and so decisions are made based upon business ethics.

An AI from Apple is never going to be able to naturally share services with Amazon for example to create an emerging AI…

Because we are moving toward automation the world will be run by AI systems over the next 10 years and so these large corporations will if not challenged propel themselves into a position of great power over the world and her population.

This is why SingularityNET is so important… SingularityNET is Decentralised, It will share AI services with other AI so to create new powerful services no one directly programmed for.

The large corporations maybe big and take large swathes of the market space, but they are not as big as all the other companies out there… And it’s all these companies added together that will make SingularityNET much much larger than the mega corps of today.


Google is CIA