It looks all fun and games... but where do I start?

As my bio states, I am not a technician nor do I have an understanding regarding the terminology, that I see on this forum a lot.

That said, I’m stoked to learn about everything, but as you might know, everything is a lot…

So my question is, where do I start? Specifically, where do I start learning to understand the world of coding and development?

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I started last year. I really can recommend `Coursera. There are several courses to audit only. With Youtube tutorials and sololearn app besides that. But the best thing imo is to start a little project. You can find this when your looking for raspberry pi and C and Arduino projects. There are several on YouTube as well.
Let us know how your doing with all that learning sources and when you find better ones.

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Thanks man! I appreciate the information! I am currently checking out sololearn and they are providing me with a good experience :smile:! I will definitely keep you updated if I find any other educational sources to learn the basics.

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Thanks for starting the great discussion. First of all You need have some basic knowledge. In that case You can enroll yourself with any coding institution like EduHelpHub and starts learning from html. This is the first of learning coding as per my experience in coding field.

Certainly the above mentioned courses are good, but while researching to write any paper on programming I have come to know about Hack Reactor. I appreciate it more because it offers a free online prep course on Javascript for beginners and indeed the teaching is worth the credit.

Also in my personal experience Udemy is reliable enough providing free fundamental courses on programming. Not only coding, but it also offers courses in wide categories, following large number of subscribers.