It looks all fun and games... but where do I start?


As my bio states, I am not a technician nor do I have an understanding regarding the terminology, that I see on this forum a lot.

That said, I’m stoked to learn about everything, but as you might know, everything is a lot…

So my question is, where do I start? Specifically, where do I start learning to understand the world of coding and development?

Kind regards,



I started last year. I really can recommend `Coursera. There are several courses to audit only. With Youtube tutorials and sololearn app besides that. But the best thing imo is to start a little project. You can find this when your looking for raspberry pi and C and Arduino projects. There are several on YouTube as well.
Let us know how your doing with all that learning sources and when you find better ones.


Thanks man! I appreciate the information! I am currently checking out sololearn and they are providing me with a good experience :smile:! I will definitely keep you updated if I find any other educational sources to learn the basics.