Is there a business case for decentralization?

I own and stake a tiny amount of AGI, I was late to the party. But I am big fan.

I am struggling to get my head around the business model SingularityNET.

Could the technology stack SingularityNET is developing be run cheaper if centralized?

What is stopping someone like Google/AWS developing a similar stack and offering similar services and access to the rest of their network?

Everyone here clearly loves the idea of decentralization, but we are a very small group. I am not sure most ‘crypto’ speculators care either. From a strictly technical/economic perspective, does it make sense to go decentralized if the wider population are not that fussed either way?

Hope I have missed something really obvious.

Hello AGI_Minnow, I have become a “fan” of Decentralization from a (limited) understanding of the technologies, discovering the wider scope for potential Scenarios for beneficial change, and I think that the convergence with AI acceleration offers the greatest potential in this space. Of course, offering similar services will be successful whilst the wider population have no opinion, but that population is also part of the Ecosystem that the Singularity will change. My bet is that it will favour decentralization in the long term as mutual trust and authenticity become the most important factors.
I cite this example for discussion: 17 Blockchain Applications That Are Transforming Society - Blockgeeks

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