Is AGI inflationary?


Where will the rewards for those staking AGI on AI nodes come from?

Would the person who is staking AGI be rewarded by minting new AGI tokens or will the person be rewarded a percentage of the income of the AI node?


There is a total of one billion AGI tokens, which where created at the TGE (Token Generation Event).

500 million tokens were released at the tge, a few million were released as bonus for those that bought in pre sale, some will be held by the foundation, and some reserved for the reward pool.

So staking will not generate additional AGI, but will assign from the reward pool.


Thanks for the reply Tim, but what happens when the AGI tokens assigned in reward pool run out?


So although the tokens themselves do not hold value, they are are counted against the equivalent value of the services.

The service cost is set by the developer of the service and potentialy additional agent subcontractors.

The less AGI tokens are available the higher the equivilant exchange value is, and so the decimal places are used.

There are 8 decimals, so it should be enough given projected market usaged. The governence of the market will be passed over to the AGI holders, and after a period of ten years there will be a vote on subjects such as should more AGI be generated etc.


So just to refresh my memory I checked the whitepaper again - it says:

200 Million tokens Reserved for Reward Pool

Out of these 200 Million - 20% is for Curation Reward - I believe that is for staking

So 40 Million Tokens are reserved for rewarding those who are staking their AGI

On Page 28 and 29 I came across two different plans for release schedule of these reward tokens, I wonder if you can clarify why one is 2% and another 10%:

“The initial default schedule for release of AGI Tokens in the Reward Pool will be 2% per year, beginning one year after the genesis event.”

Page 28 White Paper

“The initially planned release schedule, subject to potential future modification via democratic governance, will follow a constant rate: 10% of the total pool of each reward reserve tokens will be released per year, allocated at each new block formation.”

Page 29 White Paper

Anyways - If we assume 10% release of curation reward tokens per year, that means 4 Million AGI tokens will be rewarded for curation each year.

But then on page 28 in white paper it also states:

“Insofar as that AI Agent fails to process tasks correctly or has its reputation diminished, stake is confiscated and deposited into the curation reward pool.”

So curation reward pool will also be complemented by the confiscated AGI from the poorly performing AI nodes.

As to whether 4 Million AGI tokens per year curation reward assigned in white paper is sufficient is up to community to decide.

As you stated, usage and demand increase would allow for value increase - so perhaps the 4 Million AGI tokens per year may amount to a lot.


I’ll need to check, but I believe the 2% is bonus release for the people that bought into the presale, which had minimum buy orders.


As the volume of processing and clients for an AI Agent grows, staking delivers
diminishing returns, with the largest rewards going to the earliest stakers. This
incentivizes curators to be on the hunt for new AI Agents to stake and promote.


This makes sense, or everyone would stake the same successful agent.

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Can we stake ibbybot?


Thanks for the reply Ibby, and I agree with Tim that its a wonderful mechanism to incentivize the discovery of new agents.

Since the yearly amount of AGI awarded for staking will be 4 Million AGI - can you elaborate on how exactly will those be distributed to the AI Agents?

As in every time an Agent gets hired for a job, they would be given a set percentage of the 4 Million or will the reward be dependent on the pay out? So an Agent that gets one job for which a client is willing to pay $100 in AGI will be rewarded more than an Agent which picks up 5 jobs of $10 in AGI.

Thanks for your time and effort!


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