Iota + agi


Hello world! Iota fanboy here.

Since the SingularityNet considered the tangle as a legit alternative to the blockchain for their neural networks, I would love to hear what is being done by the developers and what the community thinks of this. Any developments in this direction?



IOTA fanboy here as well - I think they are not finished to implement a working smart contract platform based on the Tangle. There is one approach by peaq ( and a second one by the IOTA Foundation itself ( Both of them are not finished. So speculations about running SingularityNET on either of them are too early.

I remember @bengoertzel said in the telegram channel that these kind of considerations are moved to the phase of the project after the beta release, as this part is already hard enough and takes up all of the team’s time.


Yeah, I am aware of both projets and really excited about them… I mean Ethereum does not work either due to its low scalability. I love the SingularityNet, and even the fact they consider Iota as the main layer impresses me (The only blockchain project afaik). But the tangle and qubic have some really complex features (Trinary, Abra programming language, etc…).

I just think that the SingularityNet should think at least one step ahead so they are ready as soon as qubic is released and the coordinator is turned off.


The thing is that the beta has to work first before it can be moved to any other blockchain. And so far a lot of code has been written for Ethereum/in Solidity already (as can be seen here in the Github organisation

As you said the transaction speed is not high enough on the Ethereum blockchain, but the team implemented an out of chain communication between agents so there are less transaction necessary to run the beta. I am really looking forward to see it in Q1/2 2019.


I don’t think iota will suit the needs of the SNET project, because the goal of singularitynet is supposed to be to create a decentralized, distributed network of AIs, so iota doesn’t fit this model as it is centrally controlled to the point where the iota foundation can even freeze your iota

We are not building an AI economy of minds for the iota foundation. Instead, we are trying to build an AI economy of minds for the world.


In IOTA you always use new addresses to attach to the Tangle, not use your old address multiple times. That’s how it is designed. Yes, there are still some flaws but they are working on it - same as SingularityNET is working on it’s own software.


Well Iota is still a “proof of concept”, as any other crypto (even BTC). IF will address these problems, for sure. I wonder when people will wake up finally :roll_eyes:

@AGI_China Are you an official member of the SingularityNet or are you just a random guy pretending to be?


AGI_China established SingularityNET’s Chinese name, 奇點絡 and 奇点络 (traditional and simplified) amongst the Chinese internet community, search engines, and digital media outlets. We used our media partners in Asia to help spread news articles about 奇點絡 on prominent websites in Asia, for instance -

When you type the SNET’s Chinese name 奇點絡 into the search engines and find the entire first page full of SNET material in Mandarin for Chinese investors to readily find, that’s AGI_China.

More like team of random guys with a bunch of random businesses all laying the groundwork for SNET with the Chinese speaking market.