Introduce yourself <> Brandon Venetta


Hi SingularityNet community, I’m grateful to be connected and look forward to learning from you all. I have been in the blockchain space for 6 years and am part of a team that is distributing a digital currency (manna) based on the methodology of universal basic income ( We are exploring AI and machine learning tools to analyze data and help forecast a healthy economic network for some of the most vulnerable people on this planet. I was inspired to learn about the partnership with Roya Mahboob’s Digital Citizen Fund and got very interested in this project after listening to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Ben Goertzel. I am excited to see the intersection of blockchain and ai to help empower humanity to ensure we arrive at a very abundant and fruitful future for the next generations. Thanks for taking your time to read a bit of my interests.



Welcome Brandon! It’s hard not to get excited about the cross road between AI and Blockchain! It sounds like you have a great project!



Welcome always good to see people who really want to do for the people.


Thanks, just actually bought some AGI :smile:


Yes, its been hard to flesh out the good blockchain projects vs the FUD… I get a very good sense that SingularityNet has curated a great community around this project and I hope our network can help. A bright future awaits!


Welcome Brandon,

Welcome to the community! It is great to have you here. Every member brings their own value to the project and so feel free to share any projects you want to discuss in a topic dedicated to it in #projects

Furthermore, I am sure you will find some use in starting conversations and joining others in their topics in categories like #blockchain and #applications and #agi

We also have a discussion going on many of the subjects centred around the run up to the singularity and beyond here #agichat

Interested to hear more from you! :grinning: