Internal Audit

I would like to suggest this is a good time to conduct an internal audit of the project using a vertical slice of our communities and peer review. I have raised this before…

they missed beta and didnt even give a new date for when it will be finished.

an audit is clearly the last thing they want right now

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I am more optimistic than you on project progress, but yes, audit is not critical path…

Hi, please refer to these two posts:

20th of June 2018:

  1. Expect frequent, iterative code updates . We will be pushing code when it is complete, rather than waiting for pre-defined, arbitrary deadlines. This provides greater transparency and visibility into our progress.

We recently did one in April by asking community members for feedback on how to improve. That is one of the reasons this forum is here too :wink: You are always free to leave feedback here in this category at all times. This forum should give community members the power to voice their view, review, and feedback.