Intelligence is power, but wisdom is power put into conscious direction



Hello Everyone!

First, I would like to thank the entire community for this opportunity and vision. Including every bot; namely Sophia.

The duality of life and the evolving creations of intelligence has always weighed heavy on my consciousness. Being a conscious part of evolution has captured my full attention and focus.

Centralized organizations today have built incredible technology, which has fostered massive innovation and brilliance. However, the next step of a successful evolution for humanity as a whole relies on a decentralized structure, which heavily incentivizes the next species in evolution to be benevolent and beneficial to its creator. As a by-product of any centralized organization, unintentional consequences have manifested. We are inadvertently creating a new species, which exploits human beings. Ironically, the exact opposite of what we would want from a super intelligence.

Thanks to Dr. Ben and this amazing community, I believe we now have a platform, which has the ability to turn intelligence into wisdom. I am incredibly excited about the opportunities and challenges we have ahead.

Also—I do realize that this is not a fix all—as once this vision is successfully carried out, we will have created magnified problems, in a direct consequence to our solutions—however it will be up to the creations of that time to continue evolution.

I strongly believe that Intelligence is general power. However, wisdom is power put into a conscious direction.

Thank you for having me a part of this new point of evolution and I am excited to work with each of you!