This project is a bit of a laugh and I’m sure a few of you have seen it before. But I think it is a great example of a creative tool for making it easy to generate new content that sometimes feels uncannily meaningful.

Here’s one it just created for me.

Got any good ones from it? Share here! :slight_smile:


Ahahah this is actually quite cool (and funny)

So it started with this:

Fair enough. Perhaps I’m a “huge tool”. :laughing: Certain faiths would argue we’re all being used for some greater purpose. I’m fine with that, use me up! hehe

But then the truth is revealed:

Right!? No shit they do! I mean look at my avatar, ain’t that glamorous?

But then… this comes up:

Wot?? Where? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

“Uncanningly meaningful” indeed. thanks for the link my friend!


And poetic now :grin:


Great fun, @Joel!

This is what I got:

Which seems to be some sort of anti-Nike advertisement or something.

This one is my favorite:

Like, yeah, it’s okay to be afraid on a dirt bike, I’d agree with that.

Scratch that, this is my favorite:

Talking about art:

I have to stop! This is so good:


Lol so good! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not sure if this is for or against having children:


does it now…?


This is brilliant! I actually got something really deep for my first one:

But then I got this:

So I’m off to obeying something huge.





These are great!

lol :rofl:


Wow! I took a screen shot of a lot more than I should share here. Maybe I can find a few of my favorites.







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