Increasing Community AGI Development - 1 Million Audience


When and how can we encourage large youtube channels involving creation of machine learning video content to do tutorial videos of examples for interfacing their neural network apps with the AGI protocol for SingularityNET’s AI economy?

As many developers and would-be-developers as possible should be made aware with example walkthroughs of connecting their neural networks to AGI to deploy whatever they want into the network.

This will spur on faster community driven growth.
Here are examples of important community growth outlets for this space - They have already made videos of ML related python walkthroughs, many times:

Sentdex ~425k subscribers

Siraj Raval ~400k subscribers

Telusko Learnings ~200k subscribers

LogicGodTV 10k subscribers

That is 1 million viewers from a highly related demographic to inform about the vision and utility function of Singularity NET via AGI. Many of the million viewer outreach would see the benefit in creating an agent for their existing apps.

I believe that a keystone to developer adoption is educating them about interfacing their codebase with the AGI protocol. It can push Singularity NET closer to becoming an industry standard of ML development.

Can the Singularity NET PR / Marketing team, as well as the community itself, reach out to these outlets and individuals or others like them?

人多力量大 == More People, More Power


does anyone care to provide any input at all?


Hi, I’m Jed.

I don’t know how to program.

It’s intimidating. It feels like something that would take years to learn enough to get good at.

Would it be possible to simplify a coding language so that it would be easier to program and contribute?