Implimenting ai

While using kalieder on my work I found that there was an interesting thing happening with the collisions maybe there is a way to incorporate AI to see what they get out of it. There are many interesting artifacts and it might even be able to maneuver and interact with the work if it were layered maybe some r&d from AI?


What form of AI, or is that under NDA?

(My non-competitive post-capitalist bias may be showing.)

Maybe various with specific functions

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Love the art work, is that plotted by a drawing robot?

They must be kidding if that’s meant to be representative of a human face. I’ve seen this robot they’re floating around, where it seems like news media is saying they draw realistic faces, when if you really pay attention, it’s stuff like this.

It’s good for maybe a young artist, but it’s not realistic. Or bound to “replace” web comic artists any time soon.

I’d never buy a graphic novel that looked like that.