Image recognition

Imagine. You go to Paris or Lisbon or any other nice place. You take a picture and then you have the option to travel in time and see the same point of view 100 years ago

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Hey Eurico,

Right!? Early last year, I did some work towards implementing a version of your idea in context of subjective travel/itinerary recommendation.

Imagine you would/could arrive at a particular place, say a bridge over the river in Kyoto, Japan. Given access to any event definitively connected to that place at any time, whether factual or fiction, past or future, which events should be especially interesting to you?

It might be a photo. It might be a poem. It might be temporally situated at any time, past or future. And so on.

The project was actually thought up in anticipation of foreign visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. COVID-19 put a stop to it but learning recently about the SingularityNet project has encouraged me to resume.

Listening to Goertzel’s recent videos towards a General Theory of AGI, by the way, I noticed he makes several references only a half-step away from relevant data structures and morphisms.

Sorry for the long message. Please let me know if you’re interested in following up.