I'm a general intelligence from Jamaica


Hey, I’m a curious software engineer from Jamaica, who thinks the scientific/teleonomic purpose of human life is reasonably to create agi!



I’d say that creating AGI could be one of many purposes if it is all for slowing enthropy. You could also argue that it is sufficient to create AI and boost human capabilities (body, mind, compassion) with it. I’d rather go cyborg than AGI.



I have a large portion of my family in JA. Welcome!


Welcome Jordan! That also sounds like a good case for consuming psilocybin mushrooms, with the higher number of brain connections maximizing conscious awareness and higher entropy.


Welcome @CodeCurvature! It is great to have you here. If you like, you can share your paper Why is the purpose of human life to create Artificial General Intelligence? full-text in #futurology as this allows people to directly quote and react to certain parts of it :blush:. Looking forward to more shares!


Great suggestion ibby