Icons for badges


I really like the feature with badges. However it will be cool to make more individual (different) icons for different badges. Though it can be already planned but I decided to propose it explicitly.


We may have something in mind… but these would be other new badges. I do think it may be nice to redesign the current badges though.

Do you have some ideas?


@ibby I think that solution for the redesign of badges would be made better by people with experience in design than me so I wrote to @bobanvorobey (Telegram username of our member) who made our stickers to propose him consider possible ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


Aah that would be pretty awesome :smile:! I also want to try to get his stickers here as sort of emojis.


We will likely not initiate this due to time constraints. However, if someone from the community would like to propose some new look you can post it in #creative and if many people like it and think we should implement the design, then we can consider doing that.

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