I want AI computer like Sophia but extension of myself

is there a program like that and what kind of computer do I need for it? thanks

Further explain, like insert my personality, philosophy and interests in the AI program. My goal of it is , to base it on animism that maybe I could combined with it like a cyborg than help try to find my soul’s matter to join it when my biological form give out to enable me to be immortal as one unit instead of wondering to become whatever in the next reincarnation or something like that if that what it is.

I wonder, could anyone direct me to someone that might know how?

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Hello @Twae , maybe the next generation of AI digital personal assistants will one day enable a “soul digital twin” - perhaps based on a future derivative of ChatGPT… What Can ChatGPT Really Do? 6 Amazing Things ChatGPT Can Do! - does that get closer to what you want?

I’m not sure , it seem like a upgraded chat bot. I like the AI program on my computer like it is part of it that can have a two way conversation and look around like Sophia the robot, not to make up information but help search for it. it also can help me with my learning disability. I have a hard time recalling and writing.

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