I lost the conversion agi to agix, is possible to do something yet?

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    I had tokens AGI in Exchange Binance. I thought they would converge automatically to AGIX, but it didn’t happen. Did I lose my tokens or is possible to converge them yet?

Hi Cris, Hope you are doing well,

May I know have you got solution from SingularityNET for your issue, as I have same issue I have AGI tokens in Metamask which did not got converted to AGIX.


Hi, I have the same problem. My AGI are in metamask and haven’t been converted to AGIX. How to convert them? Is it still possible in a 1:1 ratio? Thank you very much.

This blog has all the info you need:

thanks. I did the procedure, but the AGIX did not appear. Balance remains zero. The balance is in AGI only.

Thank you Peter My issue is resolved by following steps provided in this document. Thanks a Lot