I didn’t receive my agix

I have an issue I don’t receive any agix on my wallet in binance how to convert agi to agix please

I still show AGI in my metamask wallet. Where is my AGIX? Is it transferred out of my metamask wallet?

Never mind. Created new coin - AGIX at metamask. It shows all of my coins there but 0 value. Dollar value still shown on AGI coin. Very confusing. Should have better steps for us.

Hi, i have the same situatin, i have some agi(not agix), in my trust wallet, i haven’t got my new agix, the only way i can trade my agi is to swap them with etherium, but at a much lower conversion rate, can you please help me with this(i want to replace them with agix, or to trade them al the market value).Thank you

Hello all, can anyone help me please? I had all my AGI tokens in my ETH ledger Nano wallet at the time of the snapshot. Now this wallet shows ZERO AGI. Where are they gone? My AGI tokens gone and there are no AGIX to be found? By the way I have sent several emails to SingularityNet but none has been replied.

I don’t think they care about retail investors.