I a similar project. We need to join!

Hey guys! Hope my message will reach someone from the top of the projects. :slight_smile:
I’m developing an idea of a pretty similar project you described yesterday. Mostly the project targeted to the creation non-currency financial system based on pressure and impact people to society. Most common things we have in our and decentralized os project is that we want to use people’s actions to calculate how we can trust someone.
I’m developing the concept of my project for more than 10 years and have a lot of ideas you guys probably will be interested in. And I really want to find people to cooperate with for building a new, better world. :wink:
The link to the project is webtree.org. But there is not much information about it in there. We’re on the yearly stage of the development. :slight_smile:

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believe rather the Bible, god does not negotiate. You should always trust and always forgive if you can’t then your system is not perfect. glaube lieber der Bibel, da steht Gott verhandelt nicht. Du sollst immer vertrauen und immer vergeben wenn du das nicht kannst dann ist dein System nicht perfekt