How to stake AGI

Hi, I am a crypto newbie and I would like to stake my AGI to support the community.
Visiting the staking site, I do not know, how to stake.
I transferred my AGI from binance to my Metamask wallet, but I cannot find a way to get it from there to the staking platform.
What do I have to do?
Please step by step !
Your help is very much appreciated
Thank you very much
Cheers from Germany

Hi, welcome to the community! Please check out our Staking FAQ:

There is also an instructional video:

Please let me know if you get stuck or something is not working as expected :slight_smile:

Thank you very much
How do I connect my metamask with the landing page ?

If you have Metamask installed on your browser, you should be able to click on the icon and login to your account. Once you are on, you should see a pop up with a message to “connect”, and a corresponding one in your metamask window. Be sure you are on desktop and not mobile.

Hello, is it enough if I only hold the agi tokens in my ledger wallet? In the meantime, I have registered in the singularityNet stake pool, and stated my ledger address.
Is this enough?
thank you in advance

Hi, if you are asking in regards to the airdrop, yes, if you are staked on the portal on with at least 1000 tokens you are eligible.

There is no pop up window, when I click the link.
The Metamask wallet address shown in my account does not match my Metamask wallet address. What to do ?
Thank you very much
Have a nice weekend

Is anything showing in your “incubating” tab? It’s possible you connected a blank wallet, in which case nothing is staked. Also, the staking window is now closed for the month. However, you are still eligible for the airdrop as you have a private wallet (if you were interested in that).

Hi. Where is the link for the airdrop? thanks!

Bom dia, também sou novato e gostaria de fazer stank de minhas agix que estão em carteira na binance, podem me orientar?