How long is it safe to store my AGIX on my ledger?

Hello forum,

I’m new to singularity network and I’m very excited for its future. I look forward to investigating and using the various applications that will be available from this platform.

But I’m very confused about where to store my AGIX tokens. Right now they are on an exchange but I need to move them to the safety of my hardware wallet. I’ve heard though that this AGIX token will live also on the Cardano blockchain. So I need assistance with where and how I store my AGIX tokens.

Do I store my AGIX tokens on my ledger nano S a
In the Ethereum wallet?
At some point will I need to move these AGIX tokens into a Cardano wallet?
I don’t want to miss out on securing my AGIX tokens if they need to move at some point this year.

Please assist with educating me and/or pointing me to where I can learn about how best to secure my AGIX tokens and understand how to not lose them in the future because they had to move away from my Ethereum wallet.

Thank you.

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@greavette I have the same question. I think I screwed up, I sent my AGIX to my Nano S (i selected the Singularity AGI token) from Binance. They haven’t shown up in my Nano S accounts under ETH. The transaction was confirmed on Binance so they’ve told me to check with Ledger. I hope I haven’t lost my tokens :sleepy:

go to my etherwallet site and it will give you the option to connect your nanno hard wallet or other wallet . so have your nano on and give it permission to connect to my ether wallet, and there you will see your agix tokens, you can move them from my ether wallet when cardano and agix combine