How do you feel about artificial intelligence in governments?

Governments rely more and more on artificial intelligence as a tool to enhance their functioning and efficiency.

For example:


  • How do you feel about this?
  • What would be the pros and cons in your eyes?
  • Would we be needing certain regulations to protect citizens against governments?
  • How can decentralized intelligence help in this?

Curious to hear your views.

This is where it gets dangerous because gov’t workers tend to “cruise” in terms of wanting their 9-5 shift to go as fast and stress-free as possible - collect paycheck, and not care too much about the “customer” so to speak, but wait a minute - tax paying citizens are technically the “employers”, so how does an employer deal with an employee let alone some customer on an unstoppable barrage, or a machine? Turn it off (smash it often comes to mind - lets be honest), close the door, send them home for the day, or forever… create “policy” is perhaps the correct answer. If we create lame policy or hire lame employees to administer lame policy then it becomes an affliction upon society. We have yet to create good “policy” to keep government workers in-line (government mandators in this case) because beaurocrats have somehow convinced the police and armies to be on guard for “them” and not “thy people”. Government revenue collectors are using Microsoft’s Ai systems (outlook is automated), and it overpowers many busy let alone poorer families these days. Many collectors are also now on commission, and will post a lien on your account and then you can’t write checks and not long after you’re on the street or back in some institutional lineup to obtain a handout.

Wasn’t it Richard Stallman who warned that we should have never even given government software tools in such capacity such that it could cause them to enslave society?

Citizens firstly need to make NEW POLICY to obtain some degree of control or make some smart-contract agreement with mandators that underscores “humanity is first and foremost in charge” and not “beaurocracy”. Watch out for the “Vogons” in The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for example, or the start of the movie Brazil basically shows where we are all going.

When gov’t Ai systems run amok upon some disenfranchised insolvent business person, poor psychologically damaged widow, or afflicted family on every other block… all hell breaks loose, then you get a new type of singularity (give-up reset) called “the ghetto”. Machines or Ai can not engage with “kid-gloves” under the current state of affairs because HUMANS HAVE YET TO (yet to create any such decree that deals with a way out of line gov’t mandator or policy let alone some supplanted Ai system).

“the setup of the straw man” involves Ai (intelligent mailout systems) being used by gov’t staffers as “passive acquiescence” tools - aids to setup our fellow humankind! Soon new internet laws could come and entrap unsuspecting humans via email in the same manner as snail mail has done (agreement under “passive acquiescence” should be outlawed immediately). Silence should be a RIGHT, and not some absurdity “as though in AGREEMENT” by absence.

If silence becomes critical mass then the system needs to admit failure and reset.